Topless Nerd Girls

Look what we discovered while searching for topless nerd girls today? There are more sexy nerds with digital cameras out there than previously thought. Just a few examples of naughty naked deliciousness sure to anger Rick Santorum to the point of having a mini-stroke.

Probably in his pants.

Remember, kids, Rick Santorum believes that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Look at naked geek girls as long as you like but do not forget to VOTE against 14th-century jackasses like Rick Santorum, or chances are good you won’t be able to look at images like this topless batgirl fan on the internet ever again. Once Santorum’s Jesus grovelers get ahold of our constitution, it’ll be all dressed or jail, more likely than not.

Please remember that Jesus approves of topless and fully naked nerd girls showing off for the camera. He also approves of olive oil wrestling, nunsploitation movies, and public nudity.

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